Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Helping To Stop Kiwi Rail Line Closures

I designed this Facebook banner yesterday for "Grow Kiwi Rail". Check out their Facebook page - it is worth a look. This one was mainly my own effort, but it was based on designs that I did with my daughter Monique for a series of protest street posters. Monique is a graphic designer in Wellington and I just happened to be visiting her when I got the call to help out.

In NZ, the Government runs the railways ( Kiwi Rail) - albeit reluctantly. They have let the rolling stock and branch lines become so run down that they are becoming more and more uneconomic. Consequently the roads are clogging up with commercial freight that is breaking up the road surface. Where I live in Northland this means logging trucks are a everyday road hazard. These trucks are moving huge volumes of unprocessed logs to North Port (near Whangarei) - heading for China. It then gets manufactured into stuff that gets re-exported back here as unemployment and NZ manufacturing factories closing down. If that sounds illogical, it is. But it makes plenty of short term dollars for the powerful trading elite, loggers and truckies who slave over 60 hours a week to pay their bills.

I am happy to help out anyone who fights against this. The campaign will be a long haul! Good luck to them. More cartoons about this to come.

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