Friday, August 1, 2014

Nick Smith's Fish'n Game Fiasco

No doubt about it, when when the 'bigs wigs' in the New Zealand dairy industry pull the strings their political minions in the National Government dance to their tunes. The latest example was the Conservation Minister Nick Smith's not so veiled threats to take away funding sources that keeps Fish and Game afloat if they continued to criticize the rising rates of effluent from dairy farms polluting lakes and rivers. This organization is a compulsory fee funded environmental watch dog in NZ and they are fighting back on the eve of a Parliamentary election. Good luck to them I say. Let's see if they can get a signed commitment from the National Government that ensures their financial status remains intact as they do their job to keep NZ "Clean and Green".

Worshipping the golden cow in the cartoon harks back to ancient Babylon and Indian religions and also a cartoon by American cartoonist Bill Day.

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