Friday, August 5, 2016

Right On

I have given my new Asics shoes a walkabout and they feel really good. Plenty of space for my toes and wonderfully cushioned - making walking an extra pleasure. This is my third pair of Asics and the last pair have lasted over 6 years - which is truly remarkable. They have not finished their service even now (but near to it) and when my daughter gave me a new pair for my birthday, I had fears that buying such a personal thing over the Internet without a test driving was a tad risky. These fears got worse when they got left behind in the USA by accident and they made an extra unintended journey .
All is ok I am glad to say and I will prolong their life like I did for their predecessors, with regular applications of Dubbin for the leather and 'Armor All' for the synthetic parts.

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