Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slipping On A Greasy Poll

Sadly, the coverage of David Shearer reshuffling his shadow cabinet was somewhat poorly timed as the it competed with the headlines of his declining popularity. The reshuffle was hardly radical, out with some old and in with some old - along with the new. Typically timid and pragmatic choices by Shearer, hardly the stuff to light the fires signaling a new and dynamic party.

In my view, as long as Shearer remains at the helm of Labour, the Party will continue to look like Goff mk2 and that is hardly an election winner.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winston Loves Red Herrings

Richard Prosser quite rightly, in my opinion, deserved to get dragged over the coals for his rather shallow comments about how dangerous young Muslims are. However I am sure there are many Kiwis who would agree with his point of view in a less extreme way. Mind you, there have been times in European history where crazy Christian extremism behaved in very much the same manner as we see Muslims doing today.

Fortunately the Age Of Reason came and religious bigots were sent back to the powerless loony fringe of society where they belong. From this point of view perhaps we will have to wait for enough educated people born in Muslim families to take power from the extremists and stop the assassinations, murder and religious wars - in the same way they did in Christian Europe and recently in Communist Russia and China. Winston's Red Herrings make much better reading - especially how the master showman attracts the media's attention to the squandering of public funds.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Holmes Bows Out

Paul Holmes loomed large in my life and probably also in the lives of most New Zealanders. His presence was unavoidable in the media as a TV presenter, talkback radio host, newspaper columnist, author and social celebrity. He was the same age as me and I first caught first sight of him as an actor during my brief time at Victoria University around 1969 - sporting an afro haircut and a mischievous moustache while performing on stage.

This memory of him as a performer has coloured my view of him ever since. I still see him as a mercurial and supremely capable actor of many parts. His last role as a politically conservative commentator made him a fortune - which he richly deserved, as he worked his butt off like no other in the business.

 It appears he sadly paid the cost with illness in the end, leaving plenty of wreckage along the road as personal problems and relationship breakups plagued his rise to stardom. I will miss him as a highly intelligent media man, but his outlook on life seemed to me to the same as the politicians who almost ruined this country implementing monetarist ideology that resulted in a decline in our standard of living and way of life.

 This role played by Paul Holmes will not be missed by me and I hope he will be replaced by others who can help repair this beautiful country of ours and restore the dreams and hopes of our settler forebears - of all creeds and races - and like Paul, still have a few laughs along the way.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shearer Wins??

Well, they went thru' the motions of confirming Shearer's leadership. However, unless he performs miracles this year like suddenly rejecting the Goff position (who supported the failing monetarist reforms of the Eighties), then Shearer will always be an opposition MP.

NZ Milk Fails Safety Tests

Traces anti nitrification chemicals used in fertilizer have been found in NZ milk and so raising the anxiety level of overseas consumers. Fonterra of course rushed to assure everyone that there was nothing to worry about - levels found are well below EEC standards. However,I bet that is not the only problem worthy of concern with milk. Many more chemicals are need to boost production these days and it is not the very natural product it used to be.

Parata Meltdown

Hekia Parata has been a poorly performing education minister in John Key's Government and yet survived a recent cabinet reshuffle. It appears she has known Key for many years and was groomed for greater things. John Key must see potential in her that seems hidden from the most of us - we shall see if that comes to light this year. The Education Unions are the last powerful union force in NZ. No government has smashed them like most other unions. It will be an interesting contest this time around. Click on cartoon to enlarge it.