Saturday, December 31, 2016

Here They Come Again!

I expect 2017 to be a watershed year for NZ's politics. Time will tell if the ripple effect of Brexit in Europe and Trump in the USA will reach New Zealand. Will the Forgotten People and (in Hilary Clinton's words) the Deplorables get out and vote and move the country towards the Populist Right. It is also an election year without the master of opinion poll surfing -  ex centrist conservative Prime Minister John Key. Perhaps he could see what is coming.

For those unfamiliar with NZ politics. The Greens leaders are flying the ballon. Conservatives in blue, semi socialist in pink, national populist black and white, neoliberal yellow tie and Maori with green stone war club (Taiaha) - and oddball Peter Dunn (top right) who goes wherever the wind blows and has done very little apart from propping up conservative policies..

Another Neoliberal Trickle Down Year Has Passed By


Sunday, December 25, 2016

One Way To Spend Boxing Day

For those not in NZ. Our Version electronic retail card payment is known as EFTPOS.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

And The War Drags On

I have been posting this cartoon of mine annually for years and years - and still the crazy Middle Eastern wars are blazing on - destroying the Holy Lands and the lives of millions. Being an optimistic fella, I am hopeful that one day the criminal actions of Western leaders and religious nutters will come to their senses and let saner minds with more compassionate hearts take back control. We deserve better and it will come - I pray it will be soon. Even tho' I think I am an atheist, I value the presence of spiritual people who make the World a more peaceful and loving place. May you all take your misguided fellow believers aside and quell their mindless violence and hatred.

Peace and goodwill to you all!

Christmas Is Here Once Again

Saturday, December 17, 2016

P.M. Bill English Digs His Own Grave

Well, Bill English has since had second thoughts about this issue I believe. He will be more careful in the future about letting his innermost thinking do the talking - for awhile at least. Aspiring Labour PM David Cunliffe tripped up on this one and so will any other NZ politician silly enough to upset a huge proportion of Baby Boomers.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Paula Backs Bill English

Rather predictably, Bill English has taken over the role of New Zealand's Prime Minister after John Key jumped ship. Now the National Party has chosen Paula Bennett as his deputy. Paula prides herself as a "Westie" - from the rougher side of Auckland and will bring a sparkle to the election later this year. Whether this odd couple will charm their way back into power remains to be seen. With John Key gone the polling scores between Labour and National are very likely to be much more even. But the real winner will be NZ First's Winston Peters, in my opinion, as excessive immigration, inequality, housing and low wages are making NZ a harder place to earn a living.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Key Resigns When Job Grinds Him Down

Whooopeee! The big question is why John Key has quit as New Zealand's Prime Minister. I suspect that the ex-money trader knows that political and economic cold winds will be blowing next year and will soon expose how damaging his tenure as Prime Minister has been. So he is cashing in his chips while he can. I will not miss him, however I know many others will be sad to see him go. Time will tell if is something more personal. Perhaps his strange children need his full attention, if they do, then I wish them well.