Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Dickensian Conversion

Those who know me well are very aware why I find Christmas a  difficult time each year.  I usually feel the need to be alone and this year I decided to do it again. However, something very odd happened when I was in the Hospice Op Shop just before it closed for the festive season. While I was passing the classic book section I noticed a title on top of the pile that I knew - "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. I bought it!

For those few who do not know this book, it tells a tale about an old penny pinching miser named Scrooge who lived in Victorian England and on Christmas Eve is visited by the ghost of his long dead  business partner and the Spirit of Christmas. He becomes a changed man when he wakes up to just how unnecessarily sad he was making himself and those around him. He begs for a second chance and this is granted. Much to the surprise of his relatives, Scrooge becomes a nicer and more generous man. Happiness returns to his sad life and after I read the book down I decided to do the same. 

Life is too short folks to be miserable and no matter what stupid things we do sometimes, no one deserves to sentence themselves and others to unhappiness because of the past. This will be the last Christmas and New Year etc that I will spend alone. Roll on  Christmas 2016!

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