Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tiny Monsters Threaten NZ Again

This is serious stuff for anyone wanting to grow fruit in New Zealand. I live close by the area being searched after another male Queensland Fruit Fly was found in a bio-security trap in Whangarei. It probably came off a yacht, judging by its location and is the second one found in the same area. I am hoping that a breeding colony does not get established - mainly for the danger they pose for fruit growers, but also because an aerial and ground spray program might be needed over a large area to eradicate them. 

In that case I will have to leave until the spraying has finished because I have no intention to be put in danger from the inevitable side affects. Fingers crossed some cold weather will sweep in and put them off breeding. However, it is really nice and warm here right now and my fruit bowl hums with fruit flies if someone leaves the window open without the insect screen in place. I never thought I would pray for cold weather!  

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