Saturday, July 21, 2018

Friend Or Foe?

Many countries in the Northern Hemisphere are currently experiencing record day temperatures and must be cursing 'Brother Sun' as they seek shelter and turn on the air conditioning. Ironically the source of their woes is in fact the solution. Solar energy, not climate changing fossil fuel, will need to take over our power needs much faster than it is at present. Wind and hydro are also driven indirectly by the Sun and must also be part of the mix.

So welcome the Sun each day - he's a cooling dude in Summer in disguise and a hearth of fire in Winter. What is missing is the collective will to use his hydrogen fusing energy that arrives each day for free. For me in New Zealand, each day is getting longer and warmer now - YAY! As I am writing this a Beatles song "Here Comes The Sun" by Paul Harrison comes into my mind and warms my soul on a chilly Winter's day.

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